ALDC’s Postal Vote Action Fortnight

ALDC is organising a national fortnight of action to help you build the number of Liberal Democrat supporters who are signed up as postal voters. Experience has shown that postal voters are significantly more likely to vote than ‘regular’ voters – particularly in local elections – and it is important to make it easy for our supporters to use their vote.

With the huge differential in likely turnout, the postal vote is an opportunity that campaigners and councillors cannot afford to miss.

We are asking members to lead the fortnight of action in your area from Saturday 25 February onwards.

The first task will be to deliver a direct mail to Lib Dem supporters who do not have a postal vote, with a follow-up doorstep call a week or so later.

Materials, which can be bought through our partnership with Election Workshop, include a ready to deliver recruitment direct mail with postal vote form, and a postal vote knock-up leaflet (for the second week).

We will be releasing our campaign pack shortly. It will include: the templates and advice on how to organise your action day.

Our Election Workshop deal 

Scores of ALDC members contact us for recommendations of printers and requests to lay out leaflets. In response, we are teaming up with Election Workshop to offer members affordable print, direct mail, artwork and campaign materials. In return, Election Workshop are making an agreed donation to the ALDC Fighting Fund for every single order.

Copy deadline: Friday 10 February to arrive before Saturday 25 February

Action day: Saturday 11 March knocking on doors

Letter delivered prior which includes a 90gsm DL envelope stuffed with:

  • Mail merged single-sided letter on 100gsm paper (colour splashed and blue signature)
  • Double-sided postal vote form
  • DL slip saying why to sign-up

Addressed knock up leaflet:

  • Double-sided two-colour riso leaflet
  • Mail-merged name and address on one side
  • Folded in half and bundled by polling district

Our planning pack

Our templates

Gordon Hook says

Interested in PV sign up help.
Currently need quotes for 9 wards x 1000 letters per ward as basic indicator of likely cost. ( wards will obviously vary dependant on information currently held) Gordon Hook. Newton Abbot/Teignbridge/Devon. (01626 362070 / 07779 224467)

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