You may have been emailed by members of the public to ask for your views over sustainability and transformation plans. A suggested response is below. Liberal Democrats have been strongly of the view that this should be open to public scrutiny. However, each area will have their own concerns and views over what should happen next, so you will of course need to tailor your response accordingly, including your response to any potential cuts. Ruth Dombey, Liberal Democrat leader in Sutton and Dave Hodgson, the Liberal Democrat Mayor in Bedford have already ensured the draft plans are published on their council websites.


Draft response on Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Thank you for your letter regarding [OUR AREA’s] Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).

I too care passionately about our local NHS and Care services, and how they are funded.


I fully support these plans being made public. And in the interests of transparency, I have also called for the STP to be published on the [OUR COUNCIL’S] website. I believe they should follow the leads of Liberal Democrat run Sutton and Bedford councils, which have done exactly this.

I believe that all our residents should be aware of the draft plans being proposed by the NHS for our area so that everyone can take part in the debate. It’s vital the people have their say and are not presented with plans made behind closed doors without any public or patient involvement.

As a Liberal Democrat I believe that these crucial decisions should not be taken away from public scrutiny and I share your concerns. I will fight for transparent decision making and lobby the government to properly fund our NHS.

The bottom line is the government needs to spend more on both our NHS and social care, to reduce pressure on this. Ultimately, I recognise that there is genuinely no sustainable solution for the future without the government doing more to help councils with extra social care funding.

With best wishes


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