Commenting on IFS analysis showing business rates devolution will leave 119 councils worse off, while only benefitting 52 councils, Lib Dem Treasury Spokesperson, Susan Kramer, said:

“This Government bottled real reform of business rates that could have created a simpler system that supported both businesses and local councils.  Instead they are embarking on a process that will make the poorest councils poorer and leave millions of people without the services they need.

“The IFS analysis shows that the councils that will lose out the most are in London, the North East and the North West- by funny coincidence the places this Conservative Government has fewer MPs.  Far from building an economy that works for everyone, Theresa May is perfectly happy to let already struggling councils reach breaking point.

“Instead the Government should be reforming business, protecting poor communities from losing out and ensure that basic funding for councils remains at a level high enough to deliver services.”

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