Campaigning on Broadband speed

This campaign provides councillors and campaigned with a set of resources, including , that will help them become more informed about how they can help their residents improve their speeds. It will also help ensure that residents and businesses without adequate broadband speeds remain on the Government’s radar.

The LGA is calling for a minimum 10 Mbps speed to be set as a percentage of average national speeds because it would quickly become “outdated” as technology advances. This means when the national average of download speeds inevitably rises, the minimum standard will too. Councils now look forward to working with government to ensure these changes are implemented and fast and reliable broadband quickly becomes a reality for everyone.


Broadband Leaflet – PagePlus and PDF

Broadband Focus Drop-ins – PagePlus and PDF

Broadband canvass petition – Pageplus and PDF

Email to constituents – word

Council Motion – word file

MyCouncillor story – txt file


Guide: Uploading model stories to MyCouncillor

  • Download the text files you want to post (these should open in Notepad on your machine)
  • Open your MyCllr site and select New Post
  • Make sure your New Post is opened in the ‘Text’ editor mode (see below)

Text Editor Tab (close up)

  • Copy and paste the Title into the Post Title section on your screen
  • Copy and paste the code below the title into the main text entry section on your screen
  • Hit the blue ‘Publish’ button to post your story.

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, email me at and I will be happy to help.



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