Campaigner Awards: Best Squeeze

Each year, ALDC recognises the outstanding work of local Focus teams through our Campaigner Awards and ythe voting is now open to select your best Focus teams from across the UK.

The Campaigner Awards are presented at the ALDC AGM at Federal Conference. Winners in each category and our Overall Winner will receive cash prizes and a signed and framed certificate for their office!

This year, after shortlisting, we have opened the vote to you! We want members of the party to have a say in this year’s winners for best squeeze campaign. 

While promoting the merits of your candidate is at the core of Lib Dem campaigns, a vital part of the campaign is to squeeze the votes of 3rd, 4th or subsequent parties to back your candidate rather than your main opponent. We want to hear how you put into effect a great squeeze campaign, share your literature and let us know how this changed the result in your ward.

The nominations are :

Cardiff –
Our integrated squeeze campaign resulted in the lowest ever vote share for the Conservative party in Cardiff Central. We relentlessly repeated our message that ‘Only 38 votes separate Labour and the Lib Dems here’ via Facebook, email, direct mail, general and targeted literature, text messages and more. In the run up to polling day, that line was regularly repeated back to canvassers.

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Stockport –
We knew our limitations in terms of what we could physically deliver and expense limits and worked within that through emails & leaflets to deliver a successful squeeze message which saw the Labour vote fall from 28% in 2014 to 17% this year.
Rather than just say “38 votes…” we asked people to be one of the 38 voters to beat the Tories too.

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Manchester – 
The result says it all:
Liberal Democrats 2,295 53% +24.5%
Labour 1,593 36% -8%
Green 244 5% -6%
Conservative 161 3% -12%
UKIP 69 2% -2%
LD Majority 702

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