Campaigner Awards: Best Innovation

Each year, ALDC recognises the outstanding work of local Focus teams through our Campaigner Awards and ythe voting is now open to select your best Focus teams from across the UK.

The Campaigner Awards are presented at the ALDC AGM at Federal Conference. Winners in each category and our Overall Winner will receive cash prizes and a signed and framed certificate for their office!

This year, after shortlisting, we have opened the vote to you! We want members of the party to have a say in this year’s winners for best Innovation.

We are looking for local parties that have succeeded in using innovative new approaches to campaigning, to develop a winning strategy or to build their local party. Whether you are using text messages, facebook adverts, or something else that is new and has added to your campaign, we want to hear from you. It does not need to be digital.

The nominations are :

Manchester Withington

The team used a wide range of innovative and ground-breaking campaigning techniques, including the use of targetted on-line adverts; more than a dozen professional-level videos filmed and edited by our local team led by Pablo; an online self-knockup voting system thought to be the first time ever in the NW Region. This followed sustained effort including a innovative Xmas campaign called “John Leech’s Twelve Days of Christmas” which heralded a string of 12 major local achievements deliver by John.

Link to their submission

Tower Hamlets

Building on our digital campaign last year, we expanded our campaign to the new channel of Instagram. This has a more diverse user base than other social media, meaning we were able to engage with more women in the age range of 18-24 (our core vote according to Mark Pack and David Howarth’s pamphlet).

We kept consistent policy messages across our leaflets and other social media channels, making sure that the new people we engaged on our new channel were pushed to further messages and to petitions on our website so that we could collect data.

Link to their submission


By focusing on strong, localised (ward level) online communities delivering information about local news, events and activities; alongside local lib dem campaigning activities; quizzes; ‘nostalgia; lost cats and dog posts etc – we have been able to build up incredibly close ties with local residents. Allowing us to get information out directly to a large group of voters in a specific area quickly – often weeks before any local councillors – we have managed to manage the ‘local debate’ and leave opposition parties clamouring for answers.

Link to their submission

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