The Focus Wall

A focus wall and leaflet exchange has been a regular feature of Lib Dem events for many years.  The Focus wall is where you can look at what other people are doing around the country, both in terms of content and style.

It’s a great opportunity to get inspiration and ideas from existing literature. Members bring literature examples and we put one on display and any surplus on a table to allow browsers to “pick and mix”.


We’ll be holding another Focus Wall at Kickstart in Stone, Staffordshire from 2nd-4th September. If you are coming to Kickstart, why not bring along some of copies of literature from your local election campaign?

Alternatively, you can email the PDF or  PagePlus files to Louise at, and we will add your examples to the display.

If you can’t make it to Kickstart? Then why not:

  • take a look at the “Your Artwork” directory of the File Library where we store hundreds of your literature PDFs from around the country to provide inspiration and ideas,  or
  • replicate a Focus wall at your next local, borough, county or regional meeting!

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