Supporting Amnesty International’s #AgainstHate Campaign

The rise of reported hate-crime since the referendum result is a shocking reflection of the prejudice and xenophobia that the tone of the Leave campaign helped legitimise across our country.

However the politics of Brexit develop over the coming weeks and months, it is our duty as citizens, as campaigners, and as public servants to do what we can to challenge the rising culture of intolerance in our communities.

We are glad to see Amnesty International launch an important campaign to get all councils to take hate crime seriously and take real action to address the very real tensions that have been stoked by the irresponsible language of politicians who should know better.

Here is a link to Amnesty’s campaign, please support it and circulate it to your local residents so that they can add their voices.

ALDC members can also download this Hate Crime Campaign Response Letter from Bath and North East Somerset – a great example of how to positively respond to enquiries on this issue and help raise awareness amongst local residents.


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