LGA Lib Dems Press Release – Lib Dems urge councillors to sign the refugee pledge

Liberal Democrats on the Local Government Association have urged its members to sign Liberty’s pledge urging central Government to invest in the regional infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of all unaccompanied refugee children.

Cllr Chris White (Hertfordshire), who speaks for the group on refugee issues, said: ‘Liberal Democrats have been arguing for some time that this country must do more to help the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East where the UK has so far been a reluctant player.

‘I urge all councillors to sign the pledge to make it clear to the new Government that the issue has not gone away or been solved and that more needs to be done for unaccompanied children.’



Liberty’s pledge:

“We welcome the Government’s commitment to create a resettlement scheme to bring stranded refugee children in Europe to safety in the UK. We recognise and support the vital role that local councils can and should play in caring for every unaccompanied child seeking asylum.

We urge central government to provide funding to build the vital regional infrastructure necessary to secure the placement and support of children across the country and help us build them a brighter, safer future.”

If you would like to add your name to the pledge, or for more information on the campaign, simply email RefugeePledge@liberty-human-rights.org.uk with ‘Refugee Pledge’ as the subject.

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