Campaign Pack: Campaigning on Parks

ALDC is producing more packs so that Liberal Democrats campaigners like you can easily campaign in their local community. This pack is designed to help you campaign with local friends of parks groups and build a community campaign.

Friends of Parks groups, whether new or already established, often make a positive contribution to a site in some way:

● To act as a pressure group to get things done on the site
● To do some practical work to improve a site with others e.g. weeding, pruning, litter picking
● To protect the heritage of a site
● To fundraise for improvements to a site
● To engage other local people in the site e.g. inspire local school children about the site.

As a community activist this is a clear way of getting involved with others interested in your park and building up your reputation as a community champion.

The second part of this pack is focused on setting up a litter pick.

We have provided guidance on arranging your event, promoting it and using it for campaigning. Cleaning up litter costs taxpayers almost £1 billion a year in England. The social and environmental costs take that figure even higher, as do the costs to business and tourism. This is often a large issue on the doorstep and campaigner should be taking direct action on getting a solution. It is a great way of seeing an improvement in your area and develop your record of action

Included in this pack is focus artwork, website articles, press releases and template letters.  There is lots of best practice out there and we have included just a short number of campaigns here. More is available online in the Your Artwork section of the ALDC website.



“Campaigning on Parks” Campaign Pack PDF

“Campaigning on Parks” Templates 

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