ALDC’s Summer of Campaigning

This summer we want to get teams across the Country knocking on doors, recruiting new activists and making sure they fundraise for their forthcoming local campaigns.

It is imperative that we start early and get plans in place for developing our ward campaigns.

Our number one priority at the moment is focused on the Euro Referendum, which every campaigner should be focusing on between now and June 23rd. This is hugely important  for us all, and many of us will be campaigning hard to secure a future where we are still part of the EU.

We will be releasing content throughout the summer and along with best practice, templates and advice, we will be sharing with you our ideas to make the most of the summer and time for campaigning.

To kickstart this, ALDC are developing a strategy for you to use over the summer and dividing this into three core areas –



We all know we need bigger teams and we want to give you the tools to go out and recruit, from direct mail to scripts and ideas on who to target.

After May’s elections and the referendum, many teams will have more data to use to try and recruit more members, more deliverers and extra people onto postal votes, all to allow teams to deliver a bigger and better campaign in the years ahead. Much of recruitment is knowing about the gaps. Doing a proper audit before you even start, giving you a clear idea of what skills you need to fill and more importantly an idea of the number of extra helpers you need to go out and recruit.

We will be sharing with you our top tips for getting people to say yes as well as example recruitment leaflets to make this task a bit simpler for the summer months.

Here are our first set of worksheets to help you do a full audit.



The earlier we get out on the doorstep, the better we find for your result in the ballot box. Knock and chat or surveying are more suited to being done some months out from the election as it helps give you a steer on the key issues in the ward that you may want to campaign on.

The further from the election the better, as people will be less likely to view what you are doing as electioneering the further you are from polling day and the more time you have to do it. As part of ALDCs summer of campaigning, we are launching a new doorstep kit, survey and postcards to help you get out on the doorstep.

Here are our first set of templates and advice.



To pay for your campaigning, you need the funds. A campaign calendar will clarify cashflow, and avoids being left with spare, designated cash after the campaign’s finished. The summer is an ideal opportunity to hold more events and appeal for funds. Elections cost and the summer is an ideal time for fundraising. Whether it is holding a successful garden party or getting people signed up to your fighting fund, making sure fundraising is part of your plan for the summer months is a must.

In any area where we are organising our campaigning effectively there is always the potential to raise enough money, as long as we go about it in an organised way. Before you can work out how to raise the money you need, you need to work out how much that is.

We will focus on helping you work out what you need to raise, working out how much you already have coming in, and sharing ideas for how to raise the necessary money.

Our first set of advice is making sure you have a budget set and then thinking about the funds you need to raise.

Here is our summer campaign plan for you to integrate in your own plans for the summer months.

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