If you are a councillor in an LGA member authority have you tried using LG Inform to get data on how your council is doing?

A new LG Inform report shows snapshot data on unimplemented planning applications by local authority area since 2012.

The data, provided by Glenigan, reveals the split between unimplemented planning permissions that are yet to start on site and those that have already started, but are unfinished. See how your local planning authority area compares with a comparison group of your choice. You may recall LGA research that showed across the country there are over 475,000 homes which have been given planning permission by their local council – but still have to be built – http://www.local.gov.uk/media- releases/-/journal_content/56/ 10180/7632945/NEWS

Please note you must be registered with LG Inform in order to view this report. You can register here.

To access the report itself, please click here.


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