Today, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron will kick start the party’s local election campaign with a two-day tour of key council battlegrounds.

Starting in Sheffield on Thursday, he will also campaign in Hull, Newcastle, Southport and Liverpool over the next 48 hours.

Tim will be visiting areas where the Liberal Democrats are fighting both Conservatives and Labour, to highlight a Tory record of attacking public services and a Labour record of wasteful spending.

Since January, Liberal Democrats have the best record of any political party in council by-elections, increasing our vote share by 7.4 percent.

Tim Farron will also use the campaign to build on his core ambition of returning to the party’s roots of ‘community politics’.

The key focus of Liberal Democrat campaigns will cover three main areas:

•    Defending Local Services

We played our part in Government to balance the books. Now the Tories are going too far and public services are suffering. We will stand up for teachers and doctors, and fight unnecessary cuts to services that our communities rely on.  We are hugely proud of our NHS, our local schools, our local libraries and local community groups.

•    Housing

Liberal Democrats everywhere agree that we need more housing, and more housing that people can afford. We need housing that is right for our local communities and local communities should have a say on new development.

•    Dedication

Being a Liberal Democrat councillor is not a career move. People do it because we have a shared belief in community politics and making a difference in people’s lives. Too often Westminster and town halls seem out of reach and out of touch. Politics is best done out on the street, where families face daily challenges, where we can make a difference. Wherever we have Lib Dem councillors they are great community champions standing up for their local communities.

Tim Farron said:

“Up and down the country we are seeing how Labour and the Conservatives are attacking the fabric of our communities.

“The Tories are undermining our teachers and our health service, failing on housing, and turning their back on the environment. And Labour is too split and too focused on themselves to notice or care.

“We know we can make a difference in people’s lives, and we will never give up fighting for our communities.

“Community is what you make it. It’s the place you live, it’s the experiences and identities you share, and the people with whom you feel you belong.

“This election will show the way back and how our style of community politics can and does make a difference to community politics.

“We bring people together and believe in the value of community. And we know, when people work together they can create great things.”




Morning- Sheffield

Afternoon- Hull

Evening- Newcastle




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