We know that as a result of the Conservative Government’s cuts to Local Authority budgets, more cuts are on their way.

We’ve run campaigns to save libraries, improve parks, save a police station, get gating schemes for alleyways, and many more, all of which help improve our record of action.

As Lib Dems, we believe in people taking power over their own lives and one of the fundamental reasons we exist as a political and campaigning force is to compete for, take and use power to hand back to people. This should always be at the heart of our campaigns.

Included in this pack is focus artwork, website articles, Facebook graphics and template emails for you to use.

We have also included some fact sheets on Facebook advertising, making the most out of petitioning and public meetings.

There is lots of best practice out there and we have included just a short number of campaign ideas here.


“Campaigning on Local Services” Pack  PDF

“Campaigning on Local Services” Templates

“Campaigning on Local Services” Best practice


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