Website Refresh – The New-Look ALDC Website

You may have noticed by now that the ALDC website is looking slightly different! We have redesigned some of our main pages to make it easier for members and visitors to find the information and resources they want.

New Front Page

Our front page has been changed to focus exclusively on promoting ALDC and the work that we do. For people who want to find out more, or are considering joining ALDC, their first stop is the front page of our site.

We have moved the news stories and announcements that are meant for members fully into the Members’ area of the site, leaving this space free to tell ALDC’s story, show the support and services that members receive, and convince visitors to join.

If you are an ALDC member, just hit the Login button at the top of your screen to go straight to the good stuff!


Our Blog page has moved, but you can still find the latest stories by clicking here. All new stories added to the Blog are automatically emailed to members (and separately to Lib Dem councillors who are not yet members) every Wednesday.

File Library

We have refreshed the look of the File Library and made a number of improvements to its technology and structure, to make it easier for ALDC members to browse and to find specific templates and resources.


Click here for a detailed summary of the File Library changes.

Join Page

Our Join page has been reworked to better promote the benefits of becoming an ALDC member. With a fuller description of the support and resources our members receive, and an easier-than-ever signup form.

If you know anyone who is interested in finding out more about ALDC, send them to

Donate Page

Our new Donate page brings together information on donating to ALDC, donating or applying to the ALDC Fighting Fund, and signposting towards impartial advice on ‘legacy giving’.

We wanted to show people where their donations went, and why they are important. We also want ALDC members with local authority by-elections to be able to apply for the support they need on the same page.


We hope that you find the refreshed site easier to access and to find the information you need. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback on the changes, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

Anthony L. Wilkinson says

Where is the weekly byelection results page? Do I now have to join ALDC to find it???

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