Campaign Pack: Campaigning on Housing

Too many people, particularly younger people, can’t afford a home of their own. The Liberal Democrats have set a bold and ambitious target to increase the amount of homes we build in the UK to 300,000 every year, more than any other mainstream party.

For decades, successive Conservative and Labour Governments have not built enough homes. This lack of building has left us with a crippling undersupply and an industry that is only producing roughly half of the houses we need. This lack of homes forces prices and rents higher and higher leaving thousands of people, especially young people, with no hope of buying their first property.

We have produced some materials for you to use
● Focus drop ins
● News Releases
● Blog stories
● Direct mail and inserts

We have also included examples and campaigning best practice from Norwich, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Oldham and the South Lakes.


“Campaigning on Housing” Campaign Pack PDF

“Campaigning on Housing” Templates and best practice

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