Campaign Pack: Campaigning on Postal Votes

Postal votes have become a key part of any election campaign, with between fifteen and twenty per cent of eligible voters now voting by post. With increasing numbers taking up postal votes, and with the huge differential in likely turnout, the postal vote is an opportunity that campaigners and councillors cannot afford to miss.

In this pack we have included everything from recruiting supporters onto postal votes to persuading them to vote for the Liberal Democrats at election time.

There are also templates to help your campaign, which include

·         Postal Vote Recruitment letters and forms

·         Postal Vote Recruitment leaflet

·         Focus drop in articles

·         Get out the Postal Vote templates

If you have any best practice to share for how you contact postal voters, please email



“Campaigning on Postal Votes” Campaign Pack PDF

“Campaigning on Postal Votes” Templates and best practice



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