Join the Campaign trail in Oldham!

The campaign for Oldham West and Royton got underway with Tim Farron launching the campaign to a large crowd of Lib Dem activists!

Jane Brophy, ALDC member and Councillor in Trafford, is the candidate for the Lib Dems and is an absolutely fantastic campaigner.

If you are interested in seeing the buzz for yourself, please come to Oldham.

Our campaign HQ is at 51 Union Street, Oldham OL1 1HH and is less than 2 minutes walk from the nearby tram stop.

Alternatively you can make calls from home. Just drop the campaign a line on and the team will be sure to get you fully briefed and raring to go.

This campaign is a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills. We are putting to test various campaigning tricks and techniques.You can pick up tips on all aspects of running an election that you can develop and use back home and help you win future campaigns!

Below are a few key examples of literature being delivered.

I look forward to seeing you soon on the campaign trail in Oldham.


Calling Leaflet [ A4 folded vertically – 2 colour] Inside PDF with survey   Outside PDF
Introductory Focus tax credits and town hall waste [ A3 – 2 colour] PagePlus Front  PagePlus Back

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