ALDC launches campaign to save the Freedom of Information Act –  #savefoi

In addition to ensuring open and transparent government the Freedom of Information Act has been an vital tool used by Liberal Democrats up and down the country to hold public bodies to account.

Right now the Freedom of Information Act is under threat. A Freedom of Information Commission has been established with a hand-picked panel of members, some of whom have publicly stated their hostility to Freedom of Information. Furthermore the FOI Commission’s Terms of Reference and its belated public call for evidence focus exclusively on measures that would restrict Freedom of Information.

That’s why ALDC is launching its very own campaign to Save the Freedom of Information Act. There are five really practical things you can do now to help save the Freedom of Information Act.

1. Sign our petition, and then circulate it to your friends and colleagues.

2. Download the #savefoi Focus drop-in materials and use them in your leaflets.

3. Propose a motion to your Council on this issue, ALDC members can download a draft motion to adapt and use from our file library.

4. Submit your own examples of how you have used the Freedom of Information Act to the #savefoi campaign.

5. As a Council group make you own submission to the public call for evidence.

ALDC can also bring you an exclusive interview with Phil Booth from the #savefoi website about the threats to FOI and about what we as local campaigners can do to help protect the act. Phil Booth is an accomplished political campaigner with a track record of working on campaigns such as NO2ID & MedConfidential

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Cecilia Barton says

One of the most important freedoms to maintain

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