PagePlus X8 – The new standard Lib Dem Desktop publishing package

Following a review after the 2015 election the party has moved on to PagePlus x8 –  this follows upgrades from PagePlus 11 and  X4 in previous years. All old PagePlus files will be readable in the latest version which is now available to download with a special offer price exclusively negotiated for Liberal Democrat campaigners by LDHQ’s Elections and Field Department.

ALDC’s  templates will continue to be produced in PagePlus X4 for now.

PagePlus X8 can open all templates and artwork produced in older versions of PagePlus, and X4 is also able to open artwork produced in newer versions of the software including X8.  However, you are strongly advised to upgrade from PagePlus 11 as it is not be able to open files produced in PagePlus X8.

You can access the special Lib Dem offer for PagePlus X8 by following this link to the Serif website. These packages are bought as downloads directly from the Serif website.

To have  a look at PagePlus X* here is their promotional video. Some of the new features include: 64-bit version included, Startup assistant with live updates and fresh tutorials, Professional blend modes, Professional PDF/X-3 publishing, SVG export, Charts , Advanced Graphics, Technology for better colour and speed, Improved PDF import, Improved EPUB export, Improved graphics export, Improved grammar checker and thesaurus, Restore previous session on startup, Baseline grid for professional text alignment, EPUB3 fixed layout eBook publishing, Full support for retina and magnified screens (High DPI), Colour replacer, Updated Pantone® 2014 colour palettes, CMYK shadows and effects
Paragraph controls in new on-screen tab, New filter effects, Place PDFs, Advanced text frame layout controls, New table AutoFormat presets, New PhotoLab tools and effects, 32-bit and 64-bit scanning supported

Small warning, the file is 1.2 GB so may take a while to download if your not on a good internet connection.


Jim Forrest says

I've been using x6 for a while and it seems OK with ALDC templates. OK to continue with it?

Frank H Little says

I've found that X4 will accept X8 files, though with a warning that some features may disappear, rather than rejecting them out of hand.

Frank Hindle says

Beware, X8 can't produce separations which some spot colour commercial printers (eg mine) still expect for their artwork. [Not a problem when doing Riso printing, or with better equipped (=more expensive) commercial printers].

Steve James says

The x8 offer is more expensive than the current x9 version and there seems to be a free version as well. So two questions: 1. Are x9 ppp files backward compatible with x8? 2. How compatible are files produced by the free version with x8 and x9?

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