Campaign Pack: Campaigning on the Localism Act

The Localism Act contains a huge number of opportunities for Liberal Democrat campaigners and councillors to work with the communities within their wards to improve the area. There are three things that are probably the best for campaigning purposes:

1. Ability for community and voluntary groups to bid to run local services if they wish.

2. A right for communities to draw up a neighbourhood plan to help guide planning decisions in their area, whether through a neighbourhood forum or a parish council.

3. A right for communities to identify and bid to take over community assets.

To help you campaign on localism

We have produced some materials for you to use to further the campaigns as well as a briefing on the different parts of the Localism Act that you may consider campaigning on.

● Postcards
● Petitions
● Focus drop ins
● Template Focus
● Information on Facebook Advertising
● New Release
● Examples and campaigning best practice from Camden, Eastleigh and Hornsey.

To look at the whole pack please click on this link and for the PagePlus drop in artwork, emails and other templates click here.

Peter Hirst says

What about the right on the system of voting?

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