New Materials: Cycling Campaign Pack

Whilst we may not all be the next Chris Froome, the demand for safer cycling has never been higher.

We all have areas which are known travel black spots and this campaign is about kicking off a consultation process with your local community about what better provisions there should be for cycling.

There are a number of different campaigns for cycling that you could run and this pack is just to give you a few ideas, as well as some best practice from across the country. Many materials that would be useful for any local road safety campaign and not just cycling.

This pack is designed to help you campaign in your local community. Included in the pack are

  • Petition templates
  • Street letters
  • Focus ideas
  • Email drafts

To look at the whole pack please click on this link and for the PagePlus drop in artwork, word documents and photos click here.

We are really keen to have your feedback on the pack. Please let our Campaigns Officer Claire Halliwell know if you have used the pack and if there is anything else which would like to see for future publications.

You can email me directly at

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