LDHQ Votes at 16 Campaign Pack

Last week a proposal to extend the voting age to 16-year-olds ahead of an EU referendum was defeated in the House of Commons.
But, as Lord Newby said, ‘the genie is out of the bottle’ following the Scottish referendum and it looks as if pressure for change is ramping up.
It’s a good talking point for local media, especially local radio, so see below some material from the PST and suggestions to help make it work.
Also remember this could be used at any time before the school summer holidays. It’s not necessarily time sensitive.
Any problems please give the press office a call on 020 7340 4949.

Suggested campaign and photo-op ideas

  • Organise a school visit and host a debate with youngsters – should make good images for local press etc
  • Punt to local radio as a suggested phone-in topic – could be good fodder for BBC local radio mid-morning shows
  • Use the blogpost as a suggested opinion piece for local papers – a topic which could a good talking point and there are local numbers to add

Link to online petition


Suggested Tweets

.@LibDems have supported #Votesat16 for over 10 years. The Government must now act. Sign this petition if you agree http://change.libdems.org.uk/votes-for-16-year-olds

16 & 17 year olds can get married, join the army & pay tax but can’t vote. Sign the petition to stop this unfairness http://change.libdems.org.uk/votes-for-16-year-olds

??Young people deserve more of a say in how things are run. Please sign my petition to give 16 and 17 year olds a votehttp://change.libdems.org.uk/votes-for-16-year-olds

You would be angry if you were denied your vote. Lets stop this discrimination for 16 and 17 year olds http://change.libdems.org.uk/votes-for-16-year-olds


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