Our  fourth set of election artwork template batches.

To see our earlier  batches click here for Jan batch 1 and February batch 2 March batch 3

In this batch we have materials for the postal vote GOTV operation. For details on what to do see the linked article.


Addressed Postal Vote Reminder with How to instructions for mail merge Template A4 folded to A5 [PDF] Text

Page Plus Full colour
Page Plus 2 colour
Page Plus 1 colour

Addressed Postal Vote Eve of Poll Template [A4 folded lengthways – Full Colour]Page Plus PDF Text

Addressed Postal Vote Reminder Template [A4 folded to A5 – Full colour]Page Plus PDF

Postal Vote Knock up template [A4 offset folded for near A5 – Full Colour]Page Plus PDF

Postal Vote Good Morning Template [A4 folded lengthways – Full Colour – X4]Page Plus PDF

Blue or Cream Postal Vote Letter template [A5 – 2 colour]Page Plus PDF

to look at it all click on this link

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