New DNO forms, logos and descriptions

LDHQ have issued new authorisation certificates today to Delegated Nominating officers around the country. If you are a DNO you need to make sure each Electoral Office you will be dealing with has a copy of this new form,

They had  been waiting for the Electoral Commission to confirm all the changes we have made to our party descriptions and we have only had this confirmation today.

Following on from this the party had been able to distribute the new Certificate of Identification forms that form part of each local and parliamentary candidates nomination. There have been some changes. The font and bird have changed on all three logos/emblems. On the Welsh emblem we now have the party name in Welsh and English whereas previously it had just been the bird in Wales.

For more about how to use descriptions and logos/emblems read our article in the AskALDC section.

The descriptions have changed a bit too:

Gone is

  • Liberal Democrats – for a fairer Britain
  • Liberal Democrats – for a greener Britain

In are :

  • Focus Team
  • Liberal Democrats – Stronger Economy Fairer Society


2015 DNO Certificate of Identification form England and Scotland [A4 –  1 colour] LDHQ

2015 DNO Certificate of Identification form Wales [A4 –  1 colour] LDHQ

2015 DNO Instructions and rules for DNO forms [A4 –  1 colour] LDHQ


Andrew Pinnock says

This DNO form still has Nick Clegg's name on it. Is this the most recent one?

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