With the changes to electoral registration in the news, it is worth promoting the fact that Liberal Democrats have secured additional funding to enable local authorities to make sure that everyone who should be on the roll is registered.

It is also worth remembering in these debates that registering to vote is easier than it has ever been before and that these resources have been put into place to further enable local authorities to ensure their registers are comprehensive.

What follows is an example press statement for local campaigners to make use of, and an authority-by-authority list of new funding allocations that ALDC members can download from our File Library.

If you are not an ALDC member but are interested in learning more about accessing our full range of support and resources, you can find out more here.

Example Press Statement:


Local Lib Dems have welcomed the extra funding secured by Lib Dem Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to make sure everyone in our area has the chance to have their say at the ballot box. [our council] has been awarded an extra [£ xxxxx] to carry out extra work to ensure people are registered to vote thanks to the Lib Dems.

[xxxx – councillor or PPC] said: “For Lib Dems, it is fundamental that people don’t lose their chance to vote. So we welcome Lib Dems in Government finding this money and we will be asking the council what they plan to do to make sure more people register to get on the electoral roll”

If you are not yet registered, you can contact the council on [xxxxx] to find out more or visit https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote


Local Authority Funding Allocations for IER (MS Word)

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