Just two principal council by-elections were contested yesterday. The Conservatives held their seat in St James ward in Kingston upon Thames LB, winning 42.9% of the vote. Liberal Democrat candidate Annette Wookey polled 33% to increase the party’s vote share by 11% from the ward’s last election this May.

Elsewhere Labour retain their seat in Nottinghamshire in Ollerton Ward, winning 56.4% of the vote.

In addition, Plaid Cymru held their seat in Bowydd & Rhiw ward on Gynedd UA, with their candidate winning unopposed.

For the full results of this week’s by-elections, click here.


Key Statistics for the Year

In 2014, Liberal Democrat candidates were fielded in 181 out of the 274 principal council by-elections,a figure of 66.5% for the year.

The party gained a total of 14 seats (9 from the Conservatives, 3 from Labour and 2 from Independents), with 13 out of 21 seats up for election being held, a success rate of 61.9% for the year.

Throughout the year the party polled an average of 17.2% of the vote in elections we contested.



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