ALDC members can now sign up for our local by-elections notification service. Whenever ALDC is notified of a by-election, it is posted to our website. From today, members who sign up will receive an email with details of all new elections within 24 hours of them appearing on our site.

Sign Up in Three Simple Steps:

  • Log into the ALDC website and click on the Members button on the top menu
  • On the Members page, click on the Manage Membership icon in the purple banner
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form that appears, select ‘Modify my ALDC Services‘ and tick the new ‘Forthcoming By-Election Alerts‘ tickbox

If you would like to notify ALDC about a forthcoming by-election and help us spread the word
or email

Gerald Francis says

One of the things I have missed since the untimely death of Lib-Dem News

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