Pupil Premium: OFSTED Reports Link to Positive Exam Results

A report by OFSTED looking at the impact of the Lib Dem Pupil Premium has shown a clear link to improvements in exam results among disadvantaged pupils in many schools as a result of this extra investment. (Please note that the report is limited to the Pupil Premium in England).

The report also states:

“The government is spending significant amounts of public money on this group of pupils. Schools will receive around £2.5 billion through pupil premium funding in the financial year 2014–15. This means that an average sized secondary school with average numbers of pupils eligible for free school meals will receive an additional amount of funding in the region of £200,000. This is the equivalent of five full-time teachers.”

The Pupil Premium is a key Liberal Democrat commitment that we need to continually promote as a significant achievement in government. Whilst over the last few years, we have only been able to talk about the potential of this money to improve the life-chances of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, we can now begin to point to the proof that this difference is being made.

ALDC members can download the following materials to promote the Pupil Premium in your area:

LDHQ Template Press Release (July 2014) (MS Word)

OFSTED Pupil Premium Report (July 2014) (PDF)

Pupil Premium Allocations (financial years 2011/12 to 2014/15) by Local Authority Area (MS Excel)

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