You may have seen some press comments over the plans by the Government to “ban” councils from using CCTV to enforce parking restrictions. The LGA is continuing to make the argument that this should be a matter for local authorities to decide.

Following a campaign involving the LGA, National Association of Head Teachers, Disabled Motoring UK, Royal National Institute for the Blind and others, the government is in fact looking like agreeing to a number of concessions where CCTV could still be used to enforce parking restrictions:

  • When stopped in restricted areas outside a school;
  • When stopped (where prohibited) on a red route;
  • Where parked (where prohibited) in a bus lane;
  • Where stopped on a restricted bus stop or stand.

Further concessions are being called for, including the no-stopping zones around pedestrian crossings, in addition to continuing to press the principle home that this should be a decision made by local democratically elected politicians.

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