Do you have any Park Homes in your ward? Please find below a request for information from Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change:

Dear Colleague

A number of colleagues, particularly Annette Brooke, have raised with me the fact that DECC’s existing policies on issues such as energy efficiency and application of the Warm Home Discount do not apply readily to residents of Park Homes, many of whom are on low incomes and often pensioners.

One of the problems has been that there is scant information available on location of park homes and the problems they face. (Hence the blanket email to ensure that this gets to all colleagues who have park homes in their constituency or ward)

Today I have launched a call for evidence to assist us in devising appropriate policies to help those living in Park Homes (follow link below). The call for evidence closes on 30th September. Views and information would be very welcome, both as official responses to the consultation but you can also email and the Lib Dem Group office will make sure they get to me.

Best wishes

Ed Davey

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