We have been contacted by the End Violence Against Women Coalition and asked to make Liberal Democrat councillors aware that they are running a Womens’ Safety Pledge for local councillors to sign if they choose to.

Full details, and their original message, below:

This is a request to ask your members to take the #WomensSafetyPledge before 22 May.

Members and supporters of our national coalition of women’s organisations are lobbying candidates in next week’s local elections to take the ‘Women’s Safety Pledge’ (or #WomenSafetyPledge in twitter-speak!).

The End Violence Against Women Coalition has members all over the UK, many of whom provide domestic and sexual violence services including refuges and helplines, as well as expertise and support on forced marriage, FGM, child sexual exploitation and more, and often work with their local councils to do so. We also have supporters who campaign for better policy to end abuse of women and girls in their local areas.

The Women’s Safety Pledge is a broad pledge that if elected councillors will do all they can to promote policy and practice that protects women and girls from violence and abuse – through ensuring women’s support services are protected, promoting good sex and relationships education in schools, looking at community safety, and bringing all this work together in a violence against women and girls strategy.

We have already received commitments from some individual Lib Dem candidates. The other parties’ candidates are making public commitments to the #Pledge too, which we believe indicates the resonance of these issues with candidates and voters alike.

Pledge supporters at time of writing are listed here:

There is more about the pledge for candidates here:

Could you possibly share this email with members of the LGA’s Lib Dems Executive Team? And/or might it be possible to share it Lib Dem candidates more widely via your website/twitter/newsletters?

All you have to do to take the pledge is email me – sarah.green@evaw.org.uk – and I will add your name to the pledgers page on our website.

Patrick C Smith says

I am resolutely pledged to the aims of End Violence against Women.There are a few women whom commit violence to men.

Ian Griffiths says

What i would like to know is what is the pledge to violence against Gay and Straight men.is it the same pledge as women.

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