April 5th Action Day – Registration Open

With local parties across the country preparing activities to promote Liberal Democrat achievements in government on Saturday April 5th, Lib Dem HQ have circulated a message about registering all action days with them to ensure maximum support for these events.


On the 5th April Liberal Democrats across the country will be going out in their communities and telling people what we’ve done in government.

We’ve delivered (or over delivered!) on key commitments made at the General Election, while rescuing the economy from the brink of disaster.

  • An £800 tax cut announced in the budget on Wednesday
  • An above inflation pensions increase having restored the ‘triple lock’
  • £2.5 billion to our schools for the children that need it the most

Hold a street stall on your high street or deliver the Day of Action leaflet in your area.

You can register your event here.


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