Two useful motions from our friends in Oldham.

20 mph Residential Limits

The ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ and similar campaigns have been successful across the country and many Liberal Democrats have been involved in campaigning on the issue locally (here is our very own Cllr Victor Chamberlain being covered by the Manchester Evening News prior to his motion’s unanimous adoption at council).

Oldham’s motion acknowledges the evidence that a 20 mph limit can save lives and calls for steps to make the default speed limit for all residential roads 20 mph.

ALDC members can download the full text of Oldham’s motion, here.

Renewable Energy

This motion argues for the creation of a cross-party commission to identify better ways of promoting renewable energy generation in Oldham. The commission would gather expert evidence and recommendations, before creating a proposal.

UPDATE: Ed Davey has also announced a raft of policies geared towards encouraging community energy generation. These achievements by Liberal Democrats in government can be mentioned in similar motions as examples of the concrete steps that we are taking to build an energy market that is open to community-led energy and micro-generation.

ALDC members can download the full text of Oldham’s motion, here.
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