New LGiU Essay Collection “Planning: Problem or Solution?”

The LGiU have recently put together a very useful collection of essays on Planning, on behalf of the Lib Dem Communities and Local Government backbench committee.

Contributors to the collection include Annette Brooke, Keith House, Terry Stacy, Andrew Stunell and Ruth Dombey. In total, there are fifteen contributions, the vast majority from prominent Liberal Democrats in local government and the remainder from respected experts in the field.

Anyone with an interest in planning issues and where we, as a party, want the planning process to go, should take advantage of this (free) download and enjoy!

LGiU’s Josephine Suherman penned this blog piece for the launch of the publication.

Anyone interested can download the collection via the LGiU website, here.

Finally, anyone inspired to pen a piece on planning for the ALDC website are welcome to submit one. Please contact Craig Whittall for more information on writing guest articles for ALDC.


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