Recommended reading for Liberal Democrat councillors and local campaigners from the last seven days:

With the news dominated by riots in London and other cities around the country, that is where this week’s Read All About It! will start off.

In the latest edition of his news email Hughes News, Deputy Leader Simon Hughes talked about the effect the riots had on his own constituency and about Nick Clegg’s visit to talk to local residents.

On a visit to Birmingham, Nick Clegg also called for people to work together to ensure there was no repeat of what has happened.

On Liberal Democrat Voice, Stephen Tall wrote about the debate on the causes of the riots and whether it’s all about the economy.

On her own blog Caron Lindsay made a plea for a liberal response to the riots.

On LocalGov you can read about the package that DCLG is putting together to help those areas affected by the riots:

Away from the riots there have been other bits of news this week of interest.

The Information Commissioner has ruled that Freedom of Information requests received by Twitter should be dealt with in the same way as other requests.

Some councils are looking at using the new Localism Bill to extend the ban on smoking in public places to parks, play areas and streets.

LocalGov covers a report by the Financial Times which shows that PFI adds £20billion of interest to the cost of public sector infrastructure projects.

MPs have called for an end to the NHS Electronic Care Records (ECR) system describing it as “unworkable”.

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced plans to make it easier to evict ‘neighbours from hell’

Eric Pickles has launched a consultation in to how councils will take control of council tax benefits, but under certain conditions:

Around the country:

The Labour leader of Greater Manchester Fire Authority has been criticised for claiming £20,000 of expenses in a year.

And in North Yorkshire, the Conservative group researcher is in court accused of smuggling drugs in to the country via his address at County Hall.

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