Following on from the success of our 2011 artwork pack, ALDC has again commissioned a series of FOCUS and campaign material templates for use by Liberal Democrat campaigners. These are exclusively available to members of ALDC. 

Pack 1 was released at the start of August: 
The templates include:
 a range of A4 focus templates (to add to the A3 templates produced last year), and a wide variety of materials for “knocking on doors” – surveys (national and local), single issue door-knocking and candidate calling leaflets.   – all of which have been produced in black and white, two colour (for RISOs) and in full colour (Colour RISO or commercial printer). All the FOCUS leaflets have variations to allow for single and for two and three member wards and election campaigns, and different pull outs for  fighting the Tories and Labour. 

The templates use a standard set of fonts, which you need to install on your computer first – or the templates won’t work correctly!

Remember you need to “log-in” as an ALDC member to download these files – your log-in details are the bottom of your weekly Campaigner email. 

ALDC members can download PDF and PagePlus files of all the Pack 1 templates from our website here

If you’re not a member of ALDC please join us! Join today, without any paperwork here

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