Recommended reading for Liberal Democrat councillors and local campaigners from the last seven days:

This week the government launched the ‘Big Society Bank’ which will help fund social enterprises and charities.

The government has also launched the Draft National Planning Policy Framework, to mixed reviews.  This framework will see the scrapping of Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) and various other documents and advice, with just one document.

The latest set of Enterprise Zones have been officially announced by the government for Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol and Leeds.

The Liberal Democrats in the Greater London Assembly have announced plans for electric vehicles to be used throughout the capital by 2020.

Councils throughout the country have submitted their dates for when the public will be allowed to inspect the accounts for each local authority.

The discussions over police commissioners continues whilst the House of Lords decides whether to support the bill or not.  ALDC Management Committee members Cllr Chris White has written a piece for Lib Dem Voice on whether the Conservatives will even put up candidates.

In Reading, Lib Dem Cllr Warren Swaine has had his party membership reinstated over a remark he made on Twitter.

Simon Titley writes for Liberator with his take on the reasons why we performed so badly in the local elections in May.

Jo Swinson MP has managed to gain news coverage both in this country and in the United States for her campaign for body confidence and against the digital manipulation of photographs in this regard.

Mark Pack reports on moves by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Nick Clegg to you and me) to lengthen the timetable for parliamentary elections and as a result the various deadlines associated with the election.

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