Recommended reading for Liberal Democrat councillors and local campaigners from the last seven days: 

You’ve probably noticed there has been some news recently about News International ….. The story is changing by the hour, but here are some specific Lib Dem angles: 

In The Guardan’s Comment is Free, Julian Astle writes: Phone-hacking scandal shows why Britain needs the Liberal Democrats

Here’s Nick Clegg’s speech on the future of the media in full (from Lib Dem Voice) and here’s the full text of a letter sent by Simon Hughes, Tim Farron and Don Foster to Rupert Murdoch.

Elsewhere in the news:

Chris Huhne: We must invest in energy to keep lights on (BBC Video)

Cheques Saved as banks fail to come up with suitable alternative (Daily Mail)

In local Government (all from the MJ):

Welsh councils told to review school plans

Council asks residents to carry out waste collections (Rossendale)

Birmingham on course to slash carbon emissions

And elsewhere:

James Morris MP: We mustn’t sub-contract “niceness” to the Lib Dems (Conservative Home)

And Friend’s of the Earth’s report on how we can halve the amount amount of waste we produce: Talking half as much rubbish 

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