The Nomination for the LGA Lib Dem Group Elections 2011 have now closed

The remaining election timetable is as follows:
22 July    Ballot papers despatched
15 Aug    Ballot closes
19 Aug    Results announced
1 Sept     Posts take effect.

NominationsGroup Executive
Group Leader                        Vernon-Jackson, Gerald    Portsmouth
Deputy Leader (Policy)          White, Chris                       Hertfordshire
Deputy Leader (Political)        Ali, Zulfiqar                        Rochdale
                                               Kidd, Heather                    Shropshire
                                               Thornhill, Dorothy             Watford
Group Chair                            Shortland, Jill                    Somerset
Group Whip                             Sykes, Howard                 Oldham

Commission Leads




Fire                                          Aspden, Keith                  York
                                                Hilton, Jeremy                  Gloucestershire
                                                Price, Roger                    Hampshire
                                                Shannon, Paul                 Manchester

Rural                                       Collins, Stan                    Cumbria
                                                Cordwell, John                 Gloucestershire
                                                Dobinson, Adrian            Mendip
                                                Kidd, Heather                  Shropshire
                                                Scott, Gary                      Tendring

Urban                                      Bell, Abigail                      Hull

Audit & Scrutiny                      Neighbour, David              Hart
                                               Scott, Gary                       Tendring

Resources                             Crabb, Sam                       Somerset
                                              Keith, Whitmore                 Manchester
                                              Maines, Chris                     LewishamProgramme Boards
Children & Young People      Bellotti, David                     BaNES
                                              Candler, Martin                  Stockport
                                              Cawood, Gloria                  Somerset
                                              Downes, Peter                   Cambridgeshire
                                              Golton, Stewart                  Leeds
                                              Green, Liz                          Kingston
                                              Hubbard, Jon                     Wiltshire
                                              Maines, Chris                     Lewisham
                                              Morgan, Penelope              Worcestershire
                                              Pinnock, Kath                     Kirklees
                                              Simon, Tom                        Camden
                                              Whittle, Paul                       Fareham
                                              Wright, James                    Norwich

Community Wellbeing            Bryant, John                      Camden
                                              Huddart, Doreen                Newcastle
                                              Martins, Rabi                      Watford
                                              Patrick, Zoe                        Oxfordshire
                                              Rogers, David                    East Sussex
                                              Scott, Gary                         Tendring

Culture, Tourism & Sport      Crossley, Paul                    BaNES
                                             Eades, Philip                       Poole
                                             Golton, Stewart                   Leeds
                                             Jameson, Brendan              South Lakeland
                                             Rea, Flick                           Camden
                                             White, Chris                        Hertfordshire

Economy & Transport           Ali, Zulfiqar                          Rochdale
                                             Ball, Jon                              Ealing
                                             Bill, David                            Leicestershire
                                             Connett, Alan                      Teignbridge
                                             Cordwell, John                     Gloucestershire
                                             Kidd, Heather                      Shropshire
                                             Knowles, Richard                Oldham
                                             Rosentiel, Colin                  Cambridge
                                             Stewart, Ian                         Cumbria
                                             Symonds, Roger                  BaNES

Environment & Housing        Dobinson, Adrian                Mendip
                                             Galton, Simon                     Leicestershire
                                             House, Keith                        Eastleigh
                                             Lawrence, Angela               Vale of White Horse
                                             Roodhouse, Jerry                Warwickshire
                                             Scott, Gary                          Tendring
                                             Stacy, Terry                        Islington
                                             Trent, Tony                         Poole

European & International      Ali, Zulfiqar                         Rochdale
                                             Kemp, Richard                    Liverpool

Improvement                         Higgins, Theresa                Essex
                                             Neighbour, David                Hart
                                             Shortland, Jill                      Somerset
                                             Williams, David                   Richmond

Safer Communities               Brett, Lisa                           BaNES
                                             Brooks, Duwayne               Lewisham
                                             Lower, Anita                       Newcastle
                                             Porgess, Paul                     Stockport
                                             Thomas, Claire                   Hull

Workforce                            Comer, Steve                       Bristol
                                            Hay, Colin                            Cheltenham
                                            Knight, Stephen                   Richmond
                                            Shaw, Simon                        Sefton

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