Recommended reading for Lib Dem councillors and local campaigning from the last seven days: 

Chris Huhne launched the Green Jobs initiative, as reported by the BBC: Huhne hails ‘green jobs’ boost for 1,000 apprentices. And the Telegraph reports on the launch of the Carbon Plan in: Thousands of charging points to be installed across UK over next two years, Government to say 

Reporting on the referendum to vote more powers to the Welsh Assembly the Guardian reports: Cardiff votes ‘yes’ in Welsh referendum

The BBC has videos of some of the speeches at Scottish Party Conference. Here’s Nick Clegg and here’s a webcast with Tavish Scott.

The Independent looks at Nick Clegg’s speech on multiculturalism (reported last week) in: Clegg Makes More Sense Than Cameron Shock

In local Government: 

Lib Dem Voice reports: Review of London elections calls for changes in law ahead of 2012

Municipal Journal reports: Shapps warns developers over ‘Legoland’ homesMinisters boost capitalization funding to £300M

Conservative Home’s Local Government Blog reports:Labour councils worst for Council Tax collection ratesTim Pickstone 

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