In this Candidates Briefing:Nominations Deadline
Nominations opened today, Friday 25th March and close at noon on Monday 4th April for the local elections on May 5th. Don’t leave yours too late. See the last ALDC candidates briefing for forms and instructions. Work on the Postal vote
Since changes to the law in making it easier for electors to obtain postal votes far more have done so than in the past – usually 15% – 25% of the electorate are now signed up. More important is the higher propensity of these postal voters to use their vote, particularly in local elections  – the postal vote turnout is normally at least twice that of other voters.  The opportunity is that while they are demonstrably more engaged in the political process many of them are not committed to any party and are open to persuasion.  See our items below on

  • Peak your campaign for Postal Voters
  • Getting the Postal Vote Out – PV Polling Day and Knock Up
  • Postal Votes and the AV campaign

and just a reminder that we have our Election Essentials page on the website.

Good Luck

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