ALDC members are invited to let us know you if you have any comments, feedback or thoughts on our draft Strategic Plan for 2011-2015. 

We know its a busy election time for members in most areas, but if you have a spare minute to let us know any views that would be great – after the election is fine too! (by 14 May 2011 please). 


This has been a plan which has been worked up by the Management Committee, with the support of our staff, to provide a framework for our work for the rest of this Westminster Parliament. No doubt as we go through the next four years we will need to refresh the document as things progress over the coming years. 


The Plan sets out how we will achieve on two proposed core objectives: 


(1) For there to be more Liberal Democrat Councillors, at every level, throughout Great Britain

(2) For Liberal Democrat Councillors to be the best 


And a proposed third supporting objective: 


(3) For ALDC to have the capacity for success, now and in the future. 


You can read the plan (PDF) here


We hope that you like this plan, and would very much welcome any comments or suggestions that you might have. 


Cllr Kath Pinnock (Chair) Cllr Tim Pickstone (Chief Executive)

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