Recommended reading for Lib Dem councillors and local campaigners in the last week: 

Obviously the big news at the end of last week was Labour holding on to its Oldham East and Saddleworth parliamentary seat. Chris Riddell in the Observer asks if this was: A pleasant surprise for Nick Clegg?  Lib Dem News’ Stephen Tall asks: After Oldham: what does the result mean for the party’s targeting strategy?

As some unelected peers attempt to derail making voting fairer, the Independent reports: Night of the long-winded: peers waffle to sabotage voting reform legislation

Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove urges Tory voters to vote Lib Dem to thwart Labour as reported on the BBC: Michael Gove recommends voting Lib Dem to thwart Labour  Meanwhile Mary Riddell in the Telegraph suggests that it is A dangerous liaison for Cameron – an emerging Lib Lab pact

In local government: 

Lib Dem Voice reports on how local government boundaries in Wales will remain the same until after 2012

The Guardian reports one side of a story in: Eric Pickles blames councils for UK’s budget deficit

It’s been a big week for announcing job cuts: MJ reports on three county councils: Three councils announce plans for over 2,000 job cuts, meanwhile here’s the Manchester Evening News reporting on Manchester Council’s ‘timely’ announcement (a parliamentary by-election was happening in next door Oldham the same day)… 2,000 jobs to go at Manchester council in one year after government slashes funding

Conservative Home reports on: Labour’s Lord Beecham calls for councillors allowances hike

And finally, you might not have seen this – Lembit Opik in a 1980s Lib Dem recruiting video……

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