Recommended reading for Lib Dem Councillors and local campaigners from the last seven days (nb published before the Oldham East by-election):

Nick Clegg made a major speech on civil liberties towards the end of last week. You can read the speech here. Nick Clegg: “A liberal approach to freedom, a British approach to freedom” Here’s the write up from The Independent: Control orders will be reformed, says Nick Clegg

Lib Dem Voice have been asking what Party members think about a number of issues, most recently: Tuition fees: what Lib Dem members think now

Lib Dem Voice have been running the results of a series of polls of party members. Apparently we’re split 51/49 on whether we support the Government on Tuition Fees – more details: Tuition fees: what Lib Dem members think now.

We liked this book review, (Mark Pack on Lib Dem Voice) on the book considering the options and policies for the future of the Conservative / Lib Dem coalition: Which Way’s Up? The long-term future of the coalition

and for a bit of balance, from Comment is Free in the Guardian: Face it, Ed: Labour and the Lib Dems need each other

And in Local Government: (both MJ)

Shapps calls for fast tracking evicton of problem tenants

Incentives offered to bring empty homes back into use

and from Inside Housing

Thousands could be hit by legal aid cuts, says Unite


Finally, we’re guessing that at least a few Lib Dems have iPhones and a few like election maps? 

Well your dreams have come true with this Election Map app 🙂


Tim Pickstone

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