Recommended reading for Lib Dem councillors and local campaigners in the last week and over the Christmas break: 

The biggest news in the last couple of days has been the VAT increase. The BBC considers: Is the VAT increase regressive? Lib Dem voice reports: The VAT rise: a refresher course for Labour

In local Government: 
The Guardian reports on criticisms of local government causing “bed blocking” (delayed discharge) from hospitals: Bed blocking on the rise as care cuts leave elderly stuck in hospital

The MJ reports on Eric Pickles’ attempt to simplfy how we understand local government funding:  CLG map aims to unravel complex council funding Local government secretaryand on Zero carbon homes achieved by going ‘beyond bricks and mortar’

Mark Pack, writing in Lib Dem voice looks at : Calls to end alphabetic ordering of candidates on Scottish local election ballot paper

And in politics: 
The Telegraph reports: Simon Hughes: there will be no deal between Lib Dems and Tories at next election

Very well worth reading, is the list of the Lib Dem’s achievements (so far!) in Government, published just before Christmas: here

Tim Pickstone

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