Recommended reading for Lib Dem councillors and local campaigners from the last seven days. 

In a fairly key interview over the weekend in The Independent, Nick Clegg tells us: No apologies. No regrets. No shame

It is always interesting to see what other people think of us. Here’s the BBC’s take on The different tribes of Liberal Democrats

For a fairly impartial view of what the impact of the proposed new system of funding higher education is on individual people, we found this from the Money Saving The argument over student loans could kill the next generation’s education

In other important news: Ed Miliband joins campaign for Voting Reform. If you’re interested here’s a list of all the Labour politicians who are supporting AV

In local Government, all from the MJ:Planning Reforms Unveilled by MinistersFront Loading Cuts Row shifts to ReservesCouncil Tax Revaluation in Wales Abandoned

And finally, for something completely different, and only partially relevant, discussion from Sweden about how the junior parties in the centre-right coalition can maintain their own identity

Tim Pickstone

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