Recommended reading for Lib Dem councillors and local activists from the last seven days: 

National news seems to have been dominated by the tuition fees issue: Nick Clegg writes to Aaron Porter on ‘Right to Recall’ and tuition fees and here’s what 100 Lib Dem PPCs had to say to Nick

Paul Burstow writes on Lib Dem Voice: Healthly lives…. Healthly peopleTelegraph Nats get new powers despite taxing times for SalmondAlso in the Telegraph: An early return for David Laws?

Following the announcement that Margaret Beckett and John Prescott are to be leading ‘lights’ in the NO to fairer votes campaign the Observer asks: Two-tribe politics is over. But the likes of John Prescott can’t see it

In local government: From the MJ: CLG Publishes Standards Guide (and here’s the actual guidance for post-Standards Board) and, the LGA Announces 140,000 job losses – and here’s what Conservative Home had to say about these figures. 

Tim Pickstone

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