In this month’s Candidates’ Briefing, we have THREE key things for you to be doing: (Please remember that most of the downloads and templates are for ALDC members only – join us online  here and we’ll sort out access to the downloads for you – don’t forget it’s half price membership for all candidates in next year’s local elections!). 

  1. Getting the Plan Right / Auditing your Ward(s) – Essential to your success next May is to have a clear plan of what you are trying to achieve and sticking to it.  It’s a lot easier to do this though if you know what resources you currently have and what you need to improve.  Although you may feel you know this already, it’s always worth auditing your resources so that you can tackle any unexpected weaknesses in you plan.  You can have the best plan in the world, but if you aren’t able to deliver it then it makes no difference.  A clear lesson from the elections in May is that those people who had the biggest and best campaign teams, had the best results.  Click here for some quick Ward Audit materials to help you with this planning.
  2. Getting the Delivery Network Sorted Most audits end up showing that there is a weakness in your delivery networks.  After all, which of us has a perfect delivery network – we’d guess no one.  People move, people die, people burn out. London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon AM shares her ideas on how to increase the number of volunteers in your delivery network and we have advice on how to improve your walk maps to complement this and make it work even better.
  3. Time for Christmas Cards and Calendars A key to many people’s end of year literature plan is likely to be Christmas Cards and in the New Year Calendars as well.  These are a good way of having contact with your local residents that is less political and likely to be kept around the house rather than being binned.  Our templates help make producing these very easy.

Below you’ll also find a copy of the Election Timetable for the 2011 Local Elections to help you plan your campaign.

Also, a quick reminder of our TWO “Flying Start” events taking place on Saturday 8 January 2011. These are taking place in Bedford and in Taunton, and being organised in partnership with the East of England and Western Counties regional parties. The events will be an excellent opportunity for you and your team to receive some expert advice and information on your campaign and the latest techniques.

More details of these events will be made available in the coming weeks by email and on our website.
I hope this information is useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information. 

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