Some recommended reading for Liberal Democrat councillors and local campaigners from the last week. 


This week it’s been the Conservatives in the news, with their conference at the ICC in Birmingham. 

Here’s the Guardian on Cameron’s speech in David Cameron Fairness People Deserve

Here’s the BBC on the discussion at Conservative Party Conference on Why did the Tories not win?


Looking back at the Labour Party conference the week before: 

The Observer’s piece on How Labour’s Family Saga has Changed the Party


In local government and related news: 

Local Authorities to Retain Council House Rent (MJ)

Sandwell Seeks Legal Fight over BSF (MJ)

Birmingham Launches £100 Million Solar Scheme (Inside Housing)


Two interesting pieces on LibDemVoice we liked: 

The Saturday Debate: Local government is to the Lib Dems what the unions are to Labour and big business is to the Tories (Stephen Tall)

Laurie Eggleston argues that we should be talking more about Europe: Opinion: Lets Talk about Europe


You might like to take a look at (the first in) a new feature on the ALDC site

“Tell us what you think” – this week about Eric Pickles’ announcement on Council Newspapers?


Finally it’s worth reading Mark Pack on Thinking of standing for Election or Re-Election next year the questions you should ask!


Tim Pickstone

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